Code in The Community

Free Coding Classes for Kids 8-15

26 Jan - 31 Mar 2019 Run: OPEN FOR REGISTRATION

Code in the Community is a Google-sponsored initiative to bring free coding classes to 3,000 young Singaporeans from less well-to-do backgrounds. 

A multi-year, multi-level computer science and computational thinking course, it aims to get even more Singaporean kids excited about the potential of technology, and unlock their natural learning abilities.  


Thank you very much for your interest in Code in the Community. Please click below to register your child for a class. Please submit ONE response PER CHILD.

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Scratch (Ages 8-11)

Build a strong foundation in computational thinking using Scratch, an introductory, block-based programming language developed by MIT that is increasingly being introduced in Singapore schools. Fun and interactive exercises  make this course enjoyable for all new learners!



Python (Ages 12-15)

Be introduced to basic computer science concepts using popular text-based programming language Python. Students learn fundamental programming knowledge as they build real world applications, opening their eyes to the technology that is all around them.




Mentor a New Generation of Coders

Familiar with Python and/or Scratch? Enjoy working with kids?

Use your programming skills - and share your coding journey - to inspire the next generation of engineers, tinkerers and problem solvers! 

Instructors and assistant positions available, with a minimum commitment of 6 weeks. CIP hours eligible.



A Tech-Based CSR with Heart

Code in The Community welcomes corporate and school volunteers looking for CSR initiatives in tech education.

With a minimum of 5 volunteers, we can set aside a dedicated session for your team to teach, with training at your organization and acknowledgment on our website and across our public relations efforts.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • For Parents

What is Code in the Community?

Code in the Community is a Google-sponsored initiative to bring free coding classes to 3,000 young Singaporeans from less well-to-do backgrounds over 3 years.

How do I sign my child up for Code in the Community?

You can sign your child/children up for Code in the Community at

Please note that you will have to fill up 1 registration form per child.

Who is eligible to join Code in the Community?

Code in the Community is open to the following students

(i) Students from low income families who are beneficiaries of one of the four ethnic Self-Help Groups: CDAC, MENDAKI, SINDA or the Eurasian Association;       

(ii) Students currently on MOE FAS (Financial Assistance Scheme)

If you believe your family falls into the category of low income, but do not belong to any of the above schemes, please contact your respective Self-Help Group to determine your eligibility.

What is the schedule for Code in the Community?

Code in the Community is a 20-hour program, conducted over 10 lessons of 2 hours each. The lessons take place once a week, on either Saturday or Sunday.

The next run of Code in the Community starts on 26 January 2019 and runs till 31 March 2019

Where is Code in the Community held?

Code in the Community takes place at various libraries, community centres and other public buildings around Singapore. Venues may change from run to run.

You are welcome to pick the Code in the Community venue most convenient for you, subject to space availability.

What do I need to pay / is there any obligation for taking part in Code in the Community?

Code in The Community is a free program, with all 10 lessons sponsored by Google, in partnership with the four ethnic Self-Help Groups (CDAC, MENDAKI, SINDA and Eurasian Association).

While there is no cost to participating in the program, we ask that your child be committed to attending the classes in order to receive the full benefit of the program. Students with 80% or higher attendance will receive a Certificate of Graduation, be eligible to take part in a graduation celebration party at Google Headquarters, and may be invited for free follow-on programs or holiday camps.

What does my child need to bring?

All equipment (laptops etc) will be provided. We recommend that your child brings a water bottle, a jacket and a notebook to take notes if they wish.

Is there any certificate or award for taking part?

Students who achieve a minimum of 80% attendance (attend 8 out of 10 sessions) will receive a certificate of graduation through email at the end of the program.

What and when is this Google ceremony?

The Google graduation ceremony is a chance for students meet others in the program and explore the Google office. Only students who have achieved a minimum 80% attendance will be invited. The ceremony will be held in the second half of the year, details will be shared closer to the date.

My child took part in Code in the Community before. Is this a follow-on course? Can they join again?

This is not a follow-on course. However if your child has completed the Scratch Program in the previous Code in the Community, he/she can register for the Python Program if the age requirement is met.

Who do I contact for more information?

Please reach out to your self-help group for more information, or email